Pandemic Punditry and Pubs: A crash course on the controversy over the lab-leak hypothesis for Covid-19 origins, by way of an extensive reading list.

Here are 58 references to the lab-leak controversy, representing all points of view. Included, some real science.

Last week I weighed into the controversy over the origins of Covid-19, which centers mainly on two competing hypotheses: The theory that the virus escaped from a research lab in Wuhan, China, still a minority view; and the more “popular” theory that the virus had natural origins, passing from animals to humans (so-called zoonotic transmission, typical of many viruses that have come to plague our species.)

There are other hypotheses, such as that the Wuhan labs were working on bioweapons, but they are considered much less likely by scientists.

My focus in the previous article was on how the news media had handled, or mishandled, the controversy over the virus’s origins over the past year or so. I argued that fear of “playing into the hands of” Trumpist racism had skewed the discussion, and unjustifiably branded the lab escape hypothesis as a “conspiracy theory.”

There is still much to say on those topics, and I will delve into them more in a future post. I am particularly interested in the controversy over conflicts of interest on the part of Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealth Alliance, who has played an outsized role in the pandemic response; so far, the mainstream media has largely ignored that important question.

Fortunately, the unresolved questions about the virus’s origins are, I think, slowly moving out of the realm of politics and into the realm of science, although the shift has been slow, and some scientists and science journalists are still mired in the distorted mix of science and politics that characterized the Trump era (I discussed examples in the post last week.)

But there has been an amazing outpouring of commentary and analysis over just the past few weeks, as the references below will illustrate. Some of them take a balanced view, some are fiercely partisan, but they are all worth perusing. I invite readers to add articles, papers, and commentaries they feel are relevant via the Comments section, see the button at the end.

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The COVID wars: a select bibliography, with links (updated regularly.)

(Please note that some of these articles could have been catalogued in more than one category, but I chose the one that seemed most relevant.)

Pandemic politics

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Journalists (and others) do science and science journalism (with mixed results.)

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Scientists do science (also with mixed results.)

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Xiao, Xiao, et al. “Animal sales from Wuhan wet markets immediately prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.” Scientific Reports, 7 June 2021. (See also an Oxford blog post by one of the authors.)

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