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Cuisine: Cuisse de poulet dans sa compote de pommes et airelles

Book review: The lab-leak hypothesis goes "Viral" [Updated]

Bad science, bad journalism on the Covid-19 origins debate, published by a leading journal.

Spirit of Place: The Island of Rhodes

The Strange Case of the Montecito Mudslide Human Remains

Correction to amicus post

Journalists are friends of the First Amendment, and of courts that uphold it against bogus defamation claims.

The real meaning of "heritability"

CNN's Sanjay Gupta gives a journalism lesson in how to cover the lab-leak vs. natural origins debate [updated Sep 23]

A terrible decision by the Eighth Circuit in the Nunes v. Lizza case threatens press freedoms

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Portraits of France: Audierne in Brittany

Portraits of France: Pérouges in the Rhône Valley

Portraits of France: Brantôme in Périgord

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Once upon a time in Wuhan: Will we ever know the origins of Covid-19? [Updated August 24]

Portraits of France: Cordes-sur-Ciel in Languedoc

Portraits of France: Riquewihr in Alsace

Portraits of France: Bonneval-sur-Arc

Portraits of France: The French Village

Are journalistic ethics ready for prime time? Not at CNN, it would appear.

Spirit of Place: Free at last in the new Slovakia

SLAPP and anti-SLAPP: Netflix hits back at Alan Dershowitz

Spirit of Place: The White Mosques of Jerba

Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, Julie K. Brown, Felicia Sonmez, and how the media has mucked up #MeToo coverage.

Paleontology: An alleged sexual harasser is passed out of a famous dinosaur lab. Have institutions failed yet again?

Paleontology: An alleged sexual harasser is passed out of a famous dinosaur lab. Have institutions failed yet again?

History of Place: Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge

On Setting Oneself on Fire

Why is the EPA still prostituting itself to industry?

Spirit of Place: The Farthest Shore

A "Critical Review" of Covid-19 Origins Leaves Out Some Critical Questions [With important updates]

Spirit of Place: The Quirky Charms of Old Tunis

Did Neanderthals give art lessons to "modern" humans?

A note to "Words for the Wise" subscribers

Bill Cosby, Martha Nussbaum, #MeToo, and the dual meanings of "due process."

Bully for Brontosaurus!

While we are "rethinking human evolution," let's rethink how we talk about human evolution

Spirit of Place: Henry James and the Red Roofs of Rye

On Juneteenth, Slavery Went 1 for 2

Spirit of Place: Venice in Winter

Attorneys for #MeToo reporter sued for defamation ask federal judge to protect him, survivors, and witnesses from attacks by plaintiff Danielle Kurin [Updated]

Is Racism Good for White People?

Spirit of Place: Grace Darling, English Hero, Whose Brave Deed Ushered in the Victorian Age

Wise Words: The Weekly Chronicle

Portraits of France: In Lawrence Durrell's Provence

Pandemic Punditry and Pubs: A crash course on the controversy over the lab-leak hypothesis for Covid-19 origins, by way of an extensive reading list.

History of Place: The year a socialist almost became governor of California.

Spirit of Place: Over the Sea to Skye

Spirit of Place: The Romance of Route 66

Poetry Corner: Cancel My Subscription!

Spirit of Place: The Third Man's Vienna

Cancel culture's gonna get you

What I Did in the War

Pandemic Politics: How Much Does it Matter if the Lab Leak Hypothesis is Right or Wrong?

Places in history: Where Nazis tried to hide the murderous truth

Portraits of France: Inside the Cassoulet Brotherhood

Portraits of France: Sarah Bernhardt on Belle-Île-en-Mer

Portraits of France: A Park Bench in Paris

Portraits of France: The Birth of Impressionism

Human Evolution: Is Dunbar's Number Really Up?

Investigation: The Franki Aymond story (Part II)

Investigation: The Franki Aymond story (Part I)

Portraits of France: A Park Bench in Paris

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